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Spok was struggling in tracking the account health in their existing system. Their data was scrambled and all over the system. Their customer success manager wanted to know the reason for account churning. The bigger question for them was to how to retain their customers and increase the ARR against those accounts. They wanted a tool native to Salesforce, and which could be easily accessed by their users at a go.

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Saleon helped Spok to build very

intuitive dashboards which gave them a broader lens of multiple metrics in a single view. Saleon pulled the data from multiple sources and brought it together on Salesforce. Dashboards across account health score were bult to manage and track the health of the accounts. Account health score is calculated on multiple scrutinized metrices like customer engagement, voice of customer, accelerator, adoption category etc. Saleon also built dashboard to manage and control account activities right from an entity to the parent firm of the client of the Spok.

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Healthscore distribution, adoption trend, Line of Business for rollup, lowest trend, identifying use of spok go vs other software. More insights on accounts and ability to take better decisions and actions. Able to increase account retention and renewals. Understanding the Complete

analysis of the view under accounts tab saving the time to switch to analytics section. FIlter section for plan, parent, account and activity has helped to narrow down the search and find the specifics.

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