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Visualize your Tableau CRM project in just 1 week*

Completing a project successfully needs a lot of good planning and the availability of quality resources. Resouce is a niche and expensive affair when it comes to Tableau CRM (Einstein) and plans are drafted on paper with codes and having visions in brains. But no visualization to present

Do you also relate to a situation where you plan something different, while the team delivers completely  opposite thing. There exist a huge gap between expectations and reality? Applications are not products to be conceptualized and to develop in a prototype. They have to be planned and implemented very carefully.

To overcome this issue and make sure that the team is on a right track,

Saleon has come up with a perfect solution. We at Saleon have

designed a program for companies who want to migrate to Tableau

CRM. With our new pilot offering, we are helping clients to visualize

their project at the initial stage.

Our Pilot offering is inspired by the thought process of product

prototypes and envisions creating a dashboard even before you

initiate the project.


Planning is just one aspect of a project lifecycle, there are

multiple roles and responsibilities which are to be

handled efficiently. And with our offerings, we will help you

anticipate and overcome the troubles.  

5 stage Implementation methodology




The program is designed to implement in 5 stages pilot initiation, project discovery, dataset creation, dashboard building, and establishing a best industrial practice. We will create 1 dashboard for you in a pilot project and set a path for the project journey,

  • Visualize the Product, get the look and feel of the product

  • Maintain and control the quality of dashboards

  • Identify the bugs well in advance and work on solutions 

  • Define and achieve realistic timeline, establish benchmarks

  • Get early feedback and comments from your team. 

PILOT PHASE - Start with a Pilot

Commence the project with a pilot phase. Envision the dashboards, establish benchmarks, and build qualitative dashboards and visualizations. Have a look and feel of the final product even before you actually start working on it. Build it the first time and build it right, saving time and money.

DISCOVERY SESSION - Brainstorm with the team

Meet and consult with experts, brainstorm on your ideas and realize them into

a final product. Define the goal, define key metrics and KPI's in the due process.

Understand requirement gathering and resource availability. We won't need

many details to start with, just a few key points to prepare a pilot.

DATASET CREATION - Migrate / Create the data

Your data could be anywhere, maybe on Salesforce or outside too. For now, we

will only need a part of it as a sample dataset, to prepare the pilot dashboard.

We will migrate the data from a feasible source and work on its hygiene. The data

could be available as simple as in CSV format.

BUILDING DASHBOARD - Build a Dashboard

In the pilot stage, we will build 1 dashboard on decided metrics. The dashboard

will be a working model and can also be a part of the final product. It will

demonstrate the findings, and we will be able to identify and work on most of

the errors, if any, at a very early stage, thus saving your cost and time in the journey.


                                                                                             PRACTICE - Establish best Industry practices

                                                                                                      Starting with a pilot project benefits in Identifying and working                                                                                            on bugs, anticipate and overcome errors and prepare the                                                                                                      team in completing project effectively. We will help you                                                                                                        establish  best industry standards and practices for optimized                                                                                            and quality product.

For businesses to envision the final product and evaluate its effectiveness is now easy with Saleon's POC  (Proof-of-Concept) offering. This cost-effective program is packaged starting from $1999 only and is realized in just 1 week*




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