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Want traditional BI with AI? Look no further than Einstein Analytics!

Salesforce customers are increasingly using Einstein Analytics which is a comprehensive and intelligent business analytics solution to not only analyze the business outcome and trends but also get actionable insights with the ability to predict from the data that you have. Here are a few reasons why to choose Einstein Analytics.

Analyze data from Salesforce and other external data sources

You can now uncover actionable insights from all possible sources in your business. With Einstein Analytics you can bring Salesforce and other external data together and augment them together to get analysis in a single view for your disparate systems.

  1. Embedded Analytics help you take actions from inside Salesforce using built-in action framework.

  2. Give your reps and customers a consistent view of data and access to new insights and discoveries.

Customize Analytics to meet your needs

You can now get the exact information which your business demands with the help of Einstein analytics. This facilitates in: -

  1. Build what your reps and leadership want to see on Einstein Analytics Platform

  2. Share and collaborate on crucial insights from anywhere with your team.

  3. Communicate findings quickly with sharing capabilities by making use of visuals and talking points

Make smarter business decisions

Now making smarter business decisions with the help of AI-powered analytics and intelligent insights becomes a lot easier.

  1. Explore potential business outcomes using Salesforce’s native machine learning: Einstein Prediction Builder.

  2. AI-driven sales, service, and marketing insights. Lead, Opportunity and Behavior Scoring.

  3. View insights, discover relevant explanations and recommendations

Meet Einstein Analytics Plus

You will never have to leave Salesforce to run your dashboards and Predictions

Your dashboards and predictions right where they should be. Focus on what matters to you.

Einstein Analytics Plus is Augmented Analytics offering an automated discovery of insights, powered by machine learning and natural-language generation, to transform the way CRM users interact with data.

Einstein Analytics Insights

  1. Create apps, lenses, and dashboards based on your datasets.

  2. Embed charts and dashboards in native Salesforce

  3. Take prompt actions on the analysis presented to you

Einstein Prediction Builder

  1. Einstein Prediction Builder lets you make predictions about almost any field in Salesforce with just a few clicks. Then, you can use the predictions to power workflow, focus your efforts, and work smarter.

  2. No models, no algorithms, no code needed.

Sales Analytics and Service Analytics

  1. Analytics pre-built applications for sales and service with prebuilt KPIs and the ability to customize as per your needs

  2. Minimal development and quick adoption.

Analytics Studio

  1. Platform to extract, transform and define your data and datasets.

  2. Dashboard development with clicks and a variety of charts to choose from.

  3. SAQL based dashboard development for complex needs.

With the use of Einstein Analytics, you have embarked on an exciting journey to transform the way you do business. You have a great opportunity for improving your sales process, customer experience, and enterprise profitability. This next slide will guide you about the Salesforce Einstein implementation strategy that will help you to achieve your expectations for Einstein analytics.

If your organization needs help using Einstein Analytics, contact us today!

Author: Sandeesh Phulkar, Founder and CEO, Saleon Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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